Auburn Defensive Line : "We're ready for Speed"

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Phoenix, AZ- Normally it's true, the bigger they are...the faster fatigue arrives, Come Monday though, the Auburn Defensive line averaging 277 pounds up front will need to keep pace with the quick and nimble Oregon offense that frequently run plays with upwards of 15 seconds to go on the play clock.

"We have a couple of periods where we run pace in practice "Said All-American tackle Nick Fairley" you know, sometimes coach Chizik will call 10 plays and we'll go up and down the field with no whistle but once he blows the whistle the ball is spiked and we've got to run to the line that's one thing they got us doing to get assimilated"

Other than getting used to the Speed of the ducks offense, the Tiger group has spent much of the past month hearing about the trouble the offense causes for Defensive lines yet, they remain confident.

"It's exciting, I'm pretty sure that a lot of people have been looking forward to this match up for a long time." Said defensive lineman Craig Stevens "but you know over all i see that they are a great team and we are a great team so overall it's going to be a good game."

End Nosa Eguae says perhaps the "Speed" of the Oregon offense gets a little too much play.
"Yeah, for sure you know a lot of people try to give them the play calling but you have to have good players to run the plays so you know they have great players over on that end and come Monday we'll just have to be ready to play."