LSU Tigers Vs. The Clock?

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Hoover,AL- It didn't take long for someone to remind LSU coach Les Miles about his teams 4th quarter struggles last year.

These are some excerpts from his comments on the issue.


I scrutinized the coaching - me and others. I can promise you that those situations, some of those situations I'd never run into in coaching. Some of those situations I was, even though prepared for, had not envisioned the time constraints. So what we've done is we've added that to our game week preparation.

Maybe we're a little more prepared, a little bit more ready to play in those situations. Let me give you an example. In the two-minute drill, in our acclimatization, the practices at the start of our two-a-day schedule, we're going to be in two-minute really for about 45 minutes in two practices, okay? It's never been given that kind of emphasis certainly at our place. We just feel like the teaching of the situation and the understanding of the situation is more important.

If you looked back over the time here, the number of games that we've won in two-minute situations, we need to re-up the understanding of what must happen in some of those clock management situations, both as players and coaches. It's not just lip service. You know, we've changed.