Baseball Fans Mourn Passing of Coaching Legend

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The “Boys of Summer” gathered in Anaheim, Calif., Tuesday night for the annual All-Star game, and members and fans of at least one team showed up with heavy hearts.

There was a moment of silence at the all star game for the man who owned the New York Yankees. George Steinbrenner was known as ‘The Boss’, ever since he bought the struggling team in 1973 and took the Bronx Bombers to seven World Series championships. He died Tuesday morning of a massive heart attack at his home in Tampa.

"I don't really know if you can put it into words,” said Yankee captain Derek Jeter. “It's sad. You're just shocked.”

Yankees players showed up wearing black arm bands to play the All-Star game and to remember the man who famously hired and fired and built a baseball empire.

"He expected a lot,” said Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte. “He demanded a lot.”

Sandra Hughes reports, “It's almost fitting that Steinbrenner would die on the day of the All-Star game when fans and players are all gathered and he could, once again take the spotlight.”

“He wanted to win as much as the fans did,” said Yankees fan Nick Shelse. “He wanted to get players as much as we did.”

"George was one of those icons in baseball no matter what team you like or what team you follow,” said baseball fan Lenny McKenzie.

Steinbrenner left the Yankees in good hands: it was under his sons' leadership the team won the World Series last year. All he ever wanted to do, he often said, was win.

After a several-year drought, the National League won the All-Star game this year, giving them home-field advantage for the World Series. And somewhere Steinbrenner is hoping the Yankees will represent the American league.

George Steinbrenner was 80.

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