World Cup's Psychic Octopus Retires

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A certain gifted octopus is taking his telepathic tentacles into retirement, but not before he was awarded a replica World Cup soccer trophy.

While the captain of the Spanish soccer team held the World Cup with two hands or even just one, Paul the Octopus wrapped at least four our five tentacles around his replica of the cup. But then came the news, about Paul the Prophet, the Seer Sucker Supreme...

The AP reports he's retiring from sports.

After correctly predicting which team would win 8-f-8 times, after being touted as "Octopus of theYear" on his very own Facebook page.

“Now I am absolutely, I'm breathless I mean, I just can't believe it,” said one fan on YouTube. “I mean, how does he do that?”

Beats us.

The aquarium folks put the same amount of food – a mussel – in each of two flag-adorned boxes, and Paul picked the winner 8 times. When they paid tribute to him by dropping a world cup replica into his tank, a mussel is what got Paul to nestle with it.

The last time an octopus was in the spotlight was when one grabbed a diver's camera, and proceeded to become the first octopus cinematographer, shooting mainly blurry images of himself, before the diver managed to grab back his camera.

But all the attention paid to Paul has taken its toll. Now he's a little bit tired.

At least Paul didn't do what a dolphin at a Japanese aquarium did...jumped right out of the tank.

Some saw it as an attempt to escape. The other dolphins came over to watch the action. The aquarium told The Daily Mail the female dolphin suffered minor scratches and was just "playing around and jumped out by accident from the momentum." They used a crane to lift her back into the tank.

Paul isn't going anywhere, despite offers from a company wanting to use him to predict sporting events and a fortune-telling outfit asking to use his image.

Jeanne Moos reports, “Of course Paul has his very own official song.”

‘Paul, Paul, we love Paul the octopus; Paul the octopus we love.’

“And of course someone cut up the song into a subversive version,” reports Moos, showing a video of someone cutting up an octopus.

‘Paul, Paul. We love Paul. We love you.’

Don't worry, Paul's on the trophy, not the plate.

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