Saints Surviving

LBW Catcher Ryan Waltman hangs the jersey of teammate T.J Fleming.
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Andalusia, AL- For a team game there are plenty of individual statistics in baseball but there are some challenges you don't find on a score sheet...things that the LBW squad were hit with in 2010.

"Our shortstops father was killed our pitchers granddaddy got killed it was just so much. ”Said coach Steve Helms” and we've had three accidents involving girlfriends it's been tough"

While a game normally provides an escape another setback hit the saints...before Florala native T.J Fleming was able to play his first game as a catcher, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

"At first it was real hard everybody was just in shock didn't know what to do” Said Flemings fellow catcher Ryan Waltman “We were stuck in between a place of worrying about him and then worrying about how to win a ballgame."

Eventually though the ballgames, the problems, the adversity and these young men transformed into what they are now a team in position to compete for a championship all while T.J jersey watches from the dugout.

"We’ve clinched a bid to the regional in Virginia” Said Helms “ we're ahead of where I want to be right now to be honest with you. That’s because of the tightness and closeness of this group"

“ Every time we break it down it's always on driven” Said Waltman “because you know if we drive to get something just like that it makes T.J Happy and as long as we do that , everything will be alright."

So for all the numbers in baseball and life a few young men have simplified their lives and the game as one individual Team.