Player Pleads Insanity

MIAMI (AP) - A former Florida State cornerback may get a
lifelong prison sentence, even though the state attorney's
psychiatrist says insanity caused him to shoot a neighbor.

Malcolm Tatum has been medicated and restored to health since
his 2005 arrest. The problem is he refuses to agree he was mentally
ill when he shot a South Florida neighbor.
Tatum says he began hearing voices in 2004, but didn't tell
anyone because he knew they'd think he went crazy.

Now stabilized with medicine, Tatum still insists the so-called
"spirits" he heard and saw were real.

His sentencing is scheduled Tuesday. If Tatum agrees to plead
not guilty because of insanity, he'd be ordered perhaps
indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital.

The alternative is spending 25 years to life in prison.