Saban Rules SEC Media Day

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No better way to start round two of SEC media days than with Nick Saban's early arrival.

The cameras followed his every move, earning the coach the "rockstar" nickname for the day.

I guess that makes us the paparazzi, so...8:17 a.m., Saban arrives and makes a bee-line for the escalator.
After spending approximately 18 mintues with the radio/internet guys, he heads for the Comcast cable room.

Then one more stop before he comes our way---alright, you get the picture.
It's an absolute circus.
Saban says, "We do appreciate it, and it is special. And we do think that it can be beneficial to us long-term in creating success."

"People, and Alabama fans go crazy for Nick's ridiculous!" adds Simeon Castille.
"It's a circus, but I'm pretty prepared for it. I'm kind of glad coach Saban walked in first, so I can slide in behind him," says Antoine Caldwell.

Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson ended up doing the same thing...though he played coy about being overshadowed by his colleague.

Johnson says, "Who?...Nick Saban?...Oh, yeah!"

Even the defending national champions didn't have the entourage to matchup to the first year coach.
Urban Meyer claimed geography was to blame.
"We're in Alabama, right? You're talking about that? I imagine that would happen in Michigan or at Southern Cal, too," Meyer says.

Ahh, just another day in the life. Think how nuts it'll be after he actually wins a game, eh?

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