Healthy but Underrated, Cox Eyes Senior Season, Big Goals

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Brandon Cox, who has fought back from illness and injury, is healthy again as he enters his third season as Auburn's starting quarterback.

But despite his experience, regained mobility and success on the field, he's often overlooked.

Last season, Cox guided Auburn to an 11-to-2 record despite injuring his left knee in the third game, against LSU, and then rupturing the bursa sac in his right knee against Ole Miss, in the eighth game.

Cox arrived at Auburn in the summer of 2002 but returned home after an automobile accident and a flare-up of the Myasthenia Gravis that afflicts him. He sat out the 2003 season and was Jason Campbell's backup in the 13-0 season of 2004.

Now 23, he's a confident senior and leader.

The road ahead this fall includes away games at LSU, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia, but Cox says he and his teammates have their sights set high.

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