Woods makes his case as millions pause to watch

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NEW YORK (AP) - Lots of eyes were on Tiger Woods as he delivered
a 13 1/2 minute apology for his marital infidelity.

Dozens of broadcast networks, cable news outlets and online
streams carried the scripted statement live. And there was plenty
of instant analysis.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos called it "one of the most
remarkable public apologies ever by a public figure." He says
Woods clearly had "thought a lot about what he did."

David Feherty of CBS, who has covered Woods on the circuit, says
he's "never seen him appear so vulnerable." And Debert Cook, who
publishes African American Golfer's Digest, says Woods appeared
"very genuine."

But among the critics is former New York Yankees PR director
Rick Cerrone, who told CNN that he saw "arrogance" in the
statement -- which he described as "basically an infomercial."

As for just how much attention the statement attracted, one
indication could come from Wall Street, where the market slowed at
11 a.m. as traders watched Woods' remarks.