Cup Contender

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Jimmie Johnson returns to the track with more record-breaking history
at stake. But his chance at winning a 5th straight NASCAR title could
be threathened by this man. Denny hamlin has never won a cup
championship but is an early pick to be at the front of the pack.

Denny Hamlin says, "Our objective is to win the championship and I feel like we have a better shot than in years past."

Jimmie Johnson says, "Denny Hamlin and that team is more than capable they just need that roadmap. "

Hamlin's driving style suggests a no mercy approach to the track, but
he's the 1st to acknowledge that battles must only be fought behind
the wheel..

Hamlin says, "You are not going to see anybody fighting out there... We have sponsors and obligations to a lot of people. What u saw in 1979, u R not gonna see in 2010. It's just different times"

Different times that feature a surging number fanbase and a desire to
win a championship rather than winning weekly races.

Hamlin says, "I don't think anyone should look at us until September. Daytona doesn't mean anything the way they are setting up the season.
Historically, the top 5 in Daytona is not typically your top 5 each
week. You are going to see a lot of space and your gonna see the
better drivers running up front."