Martin Runs from Pole

Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon (AP)
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"Have you seem that trophy? Mmmm, that would definitely be the biggest trophy."

Mark Martin talks about how nice it would be to finally win the
Daytona 500. The #5 has been successful here with nine top 5 finishes
and 17 top 10's, but he's never been able to get to victory lane.

"You know I never had the fastest car the daytona 500 and it's a shame
because back in the day, the fastest car usually had a great shot at
winning. Back in the day you had a car good to sit on the pole, you
had good chance of winning. Now, it doesn't matter much anymore."

But he's shown that he has the fastest cat as he's become the
oldest driver to hold the pole at Daytona.

"Think it's exciting to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. and two Chevys from SE
shop in front row. I think you're in for some action, and I can't
wait. The race is during the day. The track will be slicker than it
was for the shootout, and it was slick then. I expect it to be even
slicker which is a good thing and good for racing."
What's good for racing is another successful Sprint Cup series
beginning with a victory that's eluded him so far.