Florida President Offers SEC Playoff Proposal at Meeting

DESTIN, Fla. (AP) - Florida president Bernie Machen has been planning a college football playoff ever since the Gators looked like they would miss out on the title game last December.

He got a chance to pitch his idea to other decision-makers.

Machen proposed his playoff plan on the final day of the Southeastern Conference's annual spring meetings, telling fellow school presidents and chancellors that the current Bowl Championship Series is simply leaving too much money on the table.

Machen's plan is complex, and it does not even include details like how many teams would be involved in the playoff or when and where games would be played.

The basis of his proposal is to form a limited liability corporation that, much like the BCS, would work outside the framework of the NCAA.

He wants to keep the current bowl structure intact and then distribute revenue to all 119 Division One-A schools instead of keeping most of the money for the schools in the six BCS conferences.

Machen believes the market would determine the playoff system, whether it be a four-team, eight-team, 16-team or "plus-one" format.

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