Cottrell Attorney Object to Judge's Letter

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Attorneys for former Alabama assistant coach Ronnie Cottrell objected to a judge's letter to the state Supreme Court and suggested he is being influenced by the NCAA in a defamation lawsuit.

The attorneys wrote to the Alabama Supreme Court in response to Tuscaloosa Circuit Judge Steve Wilson's clarification of his previous ruling regarding an indemnity agreement between the NCAA and recruiting analyst Tom Culpepper.

They also contended that Wilson, who tossed out a 30 million dollar judgment against Culpepper, had improper contact with NCAA attorneys during the 2005 trial.

Cottrell's attorneys also argued that Wilson does not have jurisdiction over the case while it is before the Supreme Court, which heard oral arguments on May 1st.

An attorney representing the NCAA said the organization did not have any unethical contact with Wilson outside the plaintiffs' presence.