Falcons Eyeing Johnson, But Can They Move up Again in Draft?

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ATLANTA (AP) - The Falcons want to turn Michael Vick into one of those regular quarterbacks, a guy who looks to throw the ball instead of just running with it.

Of course, the transformation would be a whole lot easier if Vick had a go-to receiver on the other end of his passes.

Hmmm, wonder where the Falcons could find that sort of player?

They don't have to look very far.

Calvin Johnson, who grew up in the Atlanta area and spent the last three years at nearby Georgia Tech, sure would look good wearing that odd-looking bird on his helmet. But the Falcons have no chance of landing the all-world receiver unless they jump a few more spots in Saturday's draft.

The Falcons already traded away Vick's highly touted backup, Matt Schaub, just to advance a couple of spots in the draft, moving from tenth to eighth (along with a few other goodies) as part of their deal with the Houston Texans.

There's no way, however, that Johnson will still be available at Number Eight, so the Falcons would have to pull off another trade to land the local star, who looks to be one of the best receivers to come along in years.

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