Florida Freaks Out Over Flu

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Florida's flu bug is cause for alarm,
at least for coach Urban Meyer and his staff.

Running back Jeff Demps, tight end Aaron Hernandez and defensive
end Jermaine Cunningham were isolated in the days leading up to
Saturday's game against Tennessee.

Although Meyer did not say any of the players had swine flu, he
certainly was worried the devastating virus could hit his top-ranked team.

"It is a panic level of proportion I've never seen before," Meyer said Sunday, a day after his team's 23-13 victory. "That's coming from me. You hear about, I think, Wisconsin had 40 players. Ole Miss had 20 players. My wife, with her great insight, said, 'Do you realize the swine flu and everything is hitting the Florida campus last week.' My gosh."