Trojans Hold 2nd Scrimmage

TROY – Expected play from senior leaders along with moments of brilliance from a few freshmen were the highlights of Troy University’s second scrimmage on Saturday morning.

“I’ll tell you who keeps impressing me is [Shawn] Southward,” head coach Larry Blakeney said. “He is the one back of the group that will go north and south with the ball at the earliest convenience. He keeps finding a way to make plays.

“He’s way ahead of most of those kids physically. He will pick up a blitz and just tattoo a linebacker. We talked about wanting to redshirt him, but I don’t think there is any way we can redshirt him.”

The 5’9”, 185 pound freshman out of Florence led the rushing attack during the scrimmage with 69 yards on 12 carries with a touchdown.

“I think Southward has been our most impressive freshman so far,” offensive coordinator Neal Brown said. “He did some good things today. I was proud of how he ran the ball when we were trying to run out the clock at the end of the scrimmage. He’s a smart kid, and he’s going to be a factor for us this year.”

Senior Levi Brown posted 111 yards for the day. Brown completed 12-of-15 passes and one for a touchdown. Another big quarterback highlight was the flashes Corey Robinson showed when he ran the offense.

Robinson completed seven of his 10 attempted passes for a total of 59 yards. On two occasions he showed nice touch lofting passes to open receivers.

“[Robinson] sort of looked his guy off and knew where his guy was and made the play on a crossing route,” Blakeney said. “He’s got some ability and you saw a little taste of it today.”

Overall Neal Brown was pleased with the offensive efforts on the day.

“We were trying to work with situations,” Brown said. “The biggest thing is we were able to score inside the five yard line and we were able to score in our two-minute drills. We were able to finish today and run out the clock.”

Senior Cornelius Williams led the way for the Trojan receivers with five catches for 48 yards. Redshirt freshman Josh Jarboe had four grabs and a touchdown. Running back Maurice Greer added a touchdown on the ground and Jeremy Hawkins posted two sacks.

The Trojans are off on Sunday, but will hit the practice field again on Monday afternoon.

Troy Scrimmage Statistics


Levi Brown 12/15 111 yards 1 TD
Corey Robinson 7/10 59 yards
Dantavious Parker 5/8 40 yards
Jamie Hampton 3/5 11 yards

Shawn Southward 12 carries 69 yards 1 TD
Fernandus Edwards 5 carries 29 yards
T.J. Mitchell 5 carries 14 yards
Maurice Greer 5 carries 13 yards 1 TD
D.J. Taylor 5 carries 4 yards
Greg Pratt 1 carry 3 yards

Cornelius Williams 5 catches 48 yards
Tebiarus Gill 2 catches 35 yards
Daniel Stanley 2 catches 28 yards
Isaac Bivens 3 catches 25 yards
Josh Jarboe 4 catches 14 yards 1 TD
Greg Pratt 2 catches 14 yards
Jason Bruce 3 catches 14 yards
Andrew Davis 2 catches 11 yards
T.J. Mitchell 1 catch 11 yards
Anthony Williams 1 catch 9 yards


Andrew York 6 tackles
Johnny Thompson 6 tackles
Carvel Jones 4 tackles
KeJuan Phillips 4 tackles
Mike Robinson 4 tackles
Donnell Golden 4 tackles
Mario Addison 3 tackles 1 sack 1 TFL-2 yards
Xavier Lamb 3 tackles
Courtland Fuller 3 tackles
Jeremy Hawkins 2 tackles 2 sacks
James Searcy 2 tackles 1 sack 1 fumble recovery
Jorrick Calvin 1 tackle 1 sack 1 break-up
Jonathan Massaquoi1 tackle 1 sack
Riley Flowers 1 tackle 1 TFL-4 yards 1 forced fumble

Sam Glusman 3/5 Long: 35 yards (twice)
Michael Taylor 1/1 Long: 32 yards

Will Goggans 2 punts for 75 yards (37.5 average)
Michael Taylor 1 punt for 33 yards (33.0 average)

Sam Glusman 2/3

12 plays, 65 yards (3:14) Southward five-yard run (Glusman kick)
8 plays, 38 yards (2:10) Glusman 35-yard field goal missed
2 plays, -3 yards (00:46) Addison sack of Brown for safety
12 plays, 43 yards (3:42) Glusman 35-yard field goal good
4 plays, 5 yards (1:29) Glusman 32-yard field goal good
4 plays, 5 yards (1:29) Taylor 32-yard field goal good
10 plays, 65 yards (1:55) Glusman 27-yard field goal good