New Brockton: Year 2 of "Striplin Project"

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Year one of the Jim Bob Striplin era in New Brockton was a success. The new head coach led the Gamecocks to the post-season for the first time since 2002.

Now, how will year two of the “Striplin Project” shake out?

He gets most of his guys back. The Gamecocks are loaded with experience, they've got 15 seniors on the squad.

Last year's success even helped them recruit some new players that were walking the halls. They may now help the team.

"It sparked a new interest in our program,” Striplin said. “We've got more participation. Everybody we do have out there is kind of laying it all on the line for us. That's really what you saw last year toward the end of the year. And, I think it's going to carry over to this fall."

New Brockton hosts Zion Chapel to open the season on August 28th.