Spurrier says Bowden shouldn't lose victories

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina's Steve Spurrier found
something he can agree on with former rival Bobby Bowden.

Spurrier said Sunday that Bowden and the Seminoles should not
have to give up 14 victories as part of the NCAA penalties because
of an academic cheating scandal at Florida State.

Spurrier said, just as importantly, Florida State's track team
should not lose its NCAA championships that took place during the
time in question.

When Spurrier was Florida's head coach, he would famously needle
Bowden and the Seminoles when he could. Spurrier once called the
school "Free Shoes University" in 1994 when Bowden dealt with a
scandal involving his players and Foot Locker.

This time, though, Spurrier thought the NCAA's proposed
penalties were too severe.