UK Countersues Gillispie

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - The University of Kentucky has sued former
basketball coach Billy Gillispie the day after Gillispie filed suit
against the school claiming breach of contract.

The university's suit was filed Thursday in Franklin Circuit Court in Kentucky, which the school contends is the proper venue for any litigation involving the coach's former employment.

Gillispie had filed his claim Wednesday in Dallas, asking for at
least $6 million in pay, punitive damages, attorneys' fees and
court costs.

Gillispie never signed a formal contract but was working under a memorandum of understanding when he was fired after last season.
The two sides are clashing over whether a buyout clause in that memorandum is binding. That would require the school to pay him
$1.5 million for four of five years left on his contract.