BCS says playoff system would threaten bowl games

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The coordinator of the Bowl Championship
Series says a switch to a playoff system would threaten the
existence of celebrated bowl games.

BCS coordinator John Swofford told a Congressional committee
today that sponsorships and TV revenue now going to bowl games
would instead be spent on playoff games. He said in prepared
testimony that would make it difficult for the oldest and more
established bowl games to survive.

Swofford was appearing before the House Energy and Commerce
Committee's commerce, trade and consumer protection subcommittee.
Several lawmakers on the panel are trying to prod the BCS to switch
to a playoff system.

Fans were furious that Utah was bypassed for the national
championship despite going undefeated in the regular season. The
title game had No. 1 Florida (12-1) against No. 2 Oklahoma (12-1);
Florida won 24-14 and claimed the title.