Super Bowl Preps

There will be no shortage of power in Tampa, as players and fans prepare for Super Bowl 43.

The Pittsburgh Steelers face off against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.

But it's also a weekend of high hopes for the host city.

In 24 hours the game zone becomes a safe zone: no pilots allowed within 30 miles of the stadium

Customs and border patrol official Richard Rojas said, “We need to be able to maneuver for law enforcement purposes.”

And on the ground, only ticket holders and the media will get close.

Major John Bennett with Tampa Police said, “We’re trying to create almost a virtual dome. We want to protect the land space, the air space, everything we can.”

And they'll keep a virtual eye on it all with a new high tech table top map--a super bowl first.

Major Bennett said, “If we have a threat or a risk of a hazardous device I can figure out the proximity, what my resources are here and how to adjust those resources.”

The cost of it all...300-thousand dollars, Money well spent in the eyes of city tourism officials who hope their guests will more than make up for it.

Committee host Reid Sigmon said, “How much money are we talking about- potentially- based on prior cities we've estimated 300 million dollars.”

But this is NOT a typical year, Playboy and Sports Illustrated canceled their annual parties. And Super Bowl regulars say the celebration is subdued.

Lee Trythall is a devoted fan, he said, “I’ve been to 12 of the last 13 and this year it seems like there’s not as much glitz and glamour.”