Clemens' personal trainer reserves the right to sue

NEW YORK (AP) - Roger Clemens' former personal trainer has filed paperwork preserving the right to sue the seven-time Cy Young Award winner in New York.

Brian McNamee is the guy who told federal investigators that
Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs.

He contends the pitcher defamed him after he spoke to investigators for former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.

The summons preserves McNamee's right to sue, according to his lawyer.

Clemens filed his own defamation suit against McNamee in January after the trainer said in the Mitchell Report that he regularly injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone.

Clemens later told a congressional committee under oath he had never taken steroids.

In the federal case in Texas, McNamee's attorneys say the
trainer was forced to talk to investigators under threat of Prosecution, rendering him immune from any defamation lawsuit.

A federal prosecutor backed McNamee's claim, but a judge has yet to rule on his request to toss the case.

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