Saban Returns to Baton Rouge

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Alabama noseguard Terrence Cody will be
day-to-day for the top-ranked Tide's Saturday's game against No. 15
Coach Nick Saban said Monday that Cody, who missed two games
with a knee injury, was returning to practice for the LSU game.
Saban said Cody has done a good job rehabbing his injury and that
he hasn't gained weight during his absence. He said his status
would be day-to-day.

Saban is also preparing to face his former team on his first
return trip to Baton Rouge with the Tide.

He was LSU's coach for five seasons. He said his heart now is
with Alabama and that his focus has to be on the Tide team
regardless of what kind of reception he receives from LSU fans.