Van Wieren Retires

ATLANTA (AP) - Pete Van Wieren grew up wanting to be the radio
announcer for his hometown Rochester Red Wings. Instead, he became
one of the voices for Ted Turner's superstation in Atlanta.

With a calm, soothing delivery and far-reaching knowledge of the
game, Van Wieren spent 33 years in the broadcast booth for the
Atlanta Braves.

The announcer retired Tuesday at age 64. He said he wants to
step aside while he's still healthy enough to enjoy life beyond the
baseball park.

Van Wieren made the announcement just 2½ months after the death
of his longtime broadcast partner, Skip Caray, who had been in poor
health for several seasons but stayed with the team right to the
end. Van Wieren says Caray's death did not affect his decision.

Van Wieren was the last link to the broadcast team that Turner
assembled in 1976 as he was making plans to beam Braves games
nationally on his new superstation.

Caray, Van Wieren and Ernie Johnson Sr. became household names,
even though the Braves were one of baseball's worst teams. After
Johnson retired, former big leaguers Don Sutton and Joe Simpson
joined Caray and Van Wieren in the Braves' booth.