Economic Downturn Taking Toll On Fans

The government may realize another bold step toward bringing some form of stability to the markets.

Meanwhile, the current economic crisis seems to affecting of a variety of things these days...including some football fans' lunch plans.

A typical tailgating get-together in Atlanta Sunday before the Falcons N-F-L Game.

The food looks great but one of the football fans behind it says the tough times are leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

He said, “The economy’s so bad we had to eat chicken -- usually eat steak.”

This past week Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave the public something else to chew on, saying the administration may soon use the authority it was granted in the bailout to take ownership stakes in financial institutions to stabilize them and restore confidence.

A democrat and senior member of the senate banking committee is behind it.

Charles Schumer a democrat from New York said, “An injection of capital into the banks is gaining steam and I think that's where the government has to go.”

Meanwhile, President Bush, now in his final 100 days in office, also worked on the crisis meeting with ministers from both the g-7 group of industrialized nations as well as the larger g-20 group which are both in Washington for economic discussions.

Despite all the efforts underway...the President says there is unfortunately no quick fix for the economy.