Auburn's "D" on the Defensive

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Auburn's defenders were left on the
defensive after having trouble stopping LSU.

Defensive end Antonio Coleman and others felt No. 15 Auburn's
biggest issues stemmed from problems communicating and lining up
wrong a number of times.

For instance, Coleman said there were times when he was lined up
outside of the tight end and there was a big gap from the center to
the tackle.

Defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads said communication during home
games can be difficult with all the crowd noise when the opposing
offense is on the field. He said addressing that issue was one
focal point this week.

Auburn allowed 398 yards, including 178 on the ground, in the
26-21 loss. Both were season highs.

The Tigers even had confusion on what proved their biggest
defensive play, Gabe McKenzie's interception returned for a

Auburn hosts Tennessee Saturday afternoon.

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