Wacky Auburn Score One for the Books

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AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Airtight defense with no long balls will
lead to a lot of games like this, 3-2 decisions that come down to
the very last.

No. 10 Auburn eked out a 3-2 win over Mississippi State - in
football, not baseball - Saturday night that was a thing of beauty
for lovers of stingy defense.

It was the first 3-2 game in a Southeastern Conference football
matchup, according to league spokesman Charles Bloom.

Preliminary research from other schools and leagues came up with
only six other 3-2 games, the latest a Clemson win over Duke on
Oct. 16, 1965.

The others included two Iowa State wins over Kansas State in the
1920s, TCU over LSU in 1936 and Texas in 1960 and VMI over Kentucky
in 1912.

Not exactly an offensive extravaganza to set up Auburn's
showdown with No. 6 LSU.

It was the first time Auburn had won while scoring only three
points since a 3-0 win over Miami in 1974.