Abbeville Looks for Turnaround

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Tonight we go out to Abbeville--the Jackets had a season to forget in 2007.

Head coach Al Shipman's first year was a rough one. Abbeville managed only one win--that followed up a team that went two rounds deep in the playoffs in 06'.

This year, however, it's all about turning things around. Shipman's young team is a little bit older, has a little more experience.

But that doesn't make the road to the playoffs any easier--as always, the jackets are in that tough 3-A region.

“The goal for these kids,” Shipman says, “is just to get getter each game. If we get to the playoffs, we get to the playoffs. But we just want to get better each game and compete in this tough 3A region.”
“I got some dedicated guys who worked hard this summer and maybe it’ll pay off for us,” he added.

Abbeville opens up the season against Goshen two weeks from tonight.