Early County Mixes Up Offensive Identity

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Tonight we look at Coach Trey Woolf's Bobcats, who graduated some of their offensive weapons from a year ago.
That means the philosophy may have to change a bit.
Of course, Early County fans have been used to a steady diet of airing-it-out the past few seasons. But as we enter 2008, Woolf tells us things will be a little different due to personnel issues.

“We’re not quite as deep at wide out as we’ve been in the past,” Woolf says.
“So we’re gonna have to mix in a few more things, try to do a little bit more ball control. Maybe not as much no-huddle to kind of slow the game down. We’re gonna try to slow it down more, but still keep some of the same aspects as before.”

The Bobcats open up against Bainbridge at home on the 29th.