'Noles Open Season with 2 Overmatched Opponents

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Bobby Bowden built his reputation at Florida State playing any opponent, anywhere.

But wins have been tough to come by in recent seasons for a program desperate to regain prominence and a coach trying to keep his record for most career wins in big-time college football.

Coming off successive seven-and-six years and depleted by early season suspensions, the Seminoles will instead begin 2008 against two lower division opponents with a combined three-and-19 record a year ago.

For the first time in Bowden's 33-year tenure, the Seminoles will start soft, promising a big payday to Western Carolina and Tennessee-Chattanooga for late summer beatdowns.

Schools like Miami, Clemson, Southern Cal and Texas A&M have been among season openers during the course of Bowden's Florida State career often followed by the likes of LSU, Nebraska, Pittsburgh or Arizona State -many on the road.

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