Northview Plays "Beat the Heat"

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The Northview Cougars choosing for the early evening practice time Tuesday. That’s not a bad idea for Chip Harris and the Cougars considering the afternoon temperatures.

Northview was 6-4 last season. But, the Cougars won five of their last six games and just missed out on a spot in the playoffs. That's more than enough motivation for this year's squad to get out to a good start.

“We’ve got a good group,” Harris said. “This group has worked hard. We’ve had a real, real good summer. And, we had a good spring. The biggest thing with this group is they’ve shown up, put some time in and time will tell. But, this group has had a good off-season.

Northview opens the season August 29th against Lee of Montgomery at Rip Hewes Stadium in Dothan