Braves Lose Again

The Braves have Chipper and Mark Kotsay back from injury.

Now, they have to make up ground in the standings, they're chasing the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL east.

Guess who's in Atlanta tonight, the Phillies.

Atlanta lost last night, and the Phillies jumped out early again. Top-3, Ryan Howard does yard work. A three run shot, 4-0 Phillies.

The Braves with a chance to get some back in the bottom of the frame. Bases loaded, but Briann McCann flies out to end the threat.

Philly's not done scoring, Pat Burrell homers for the second night in a row. That's his 21st of the season.

Philadelphia wins 7-to-3. The Phillies are 7-and-1 against Atlanta this season.