Tuberville's gesture another poke at 'Bama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Even in the Middle East, Tommy Tuberville couldn't resist a playful poke at rival Alabama's six-year losing streak to his Auburn teams.

This time it was the seven-finger salute.

Tuberville made the gesture after helping coach U.S. military personnel to a victory in a 7-on-7 flag football game during a goodwill tour to the Middle East.

It's not the first time the coach has enjoyed a little fun at 'Bama's expense. He raised four fingers into the air after win Number Four in Tuscaloosa and was later photographed on a bowl trip to Orlando wearing a "Fear the Thumb" T-shirt referring to a bid for a fifth straight win.

The seven-finger salute was captured by a photographer, and it has since made the Internet rounds.

While teams and fans in the state take the Alabama-Auburn matchup very seriously, Tuberville said his trip to the Middle East put things in perspective.

"It's not life-or-death," he said. "What we just left, that's serious. It puts it into perspective."

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