Alabama's Hall Denies Internet Rumors of Feud with Wilson

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - To hear some Alabama football fans tell it, record-breaking wide receiver D.J. Hall spent the season feuding with quarterback John Parker Wilson.

Hall is speaking out about those rumors, and he says they're not true.

Hall has become a favorite target of Crimson Tide fans on Internet message boards. According to some, Hall and Wilson spent the season arguing.

But Hall says that's not true. And he is disappointed that some Alabama fans are taking out their frustrations on him.

Hall says he didn't think 'Bama fans would say such negative things about Crimson Tide players. But the rumors even reached his mother in Florida. She called him wanting to know why he was feuding with Wilson. He told her he wasn't.

The combination of Wilson and Hall looked unbeatable early in the season. But then came four straight losses and the rumors about Hall and Wilson.

Hall says everything he heard was positive when the team was winning. But the negative rumors began as soon as the team started losing. In his words: "It's crazy."

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