Auburn May Give Glimpse of New Fast-paced Offense in Bowl

ATLANTA (AP) - Auburn may offer a glimpse of its new fast-paced spread offense during the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but that's probably all.

According to coach Tommy Tuberville, there isn't enough time do put in much more before the New Year's Eve game, and it wouldn't be how to beat Clemson anyway with Brandon Cox playing his final game.

During a Chick-fil-A Bowl luncheon that also featured Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, Tuberville noted today that Cox isn't a spread offense quarterback.

The 10 days of practice leading up to the game, however, will give new Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin time to look at what he has to work with for next season and to begin the conversion process.

Auburn is ranked No. 22 going into the Chick-fil-A-Bowl, while Clemson (9-3) is No. 15.

Bowden ran the spread at Clemson, although that is no longer the case. But he said the spread offense definitely causes problems for defenses.

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