Tuberville Earns "Riverboat Gambler" nickname

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville hasn't completely conceded the role of Riverboat Gambler to LSU's Les Miles.

Auburn converted a fourth-and-1 from its own 30 against Arkansas and the Tigers have also had a successful first down off a fake punt in their own territory this season.

Tuberville's thinking on that Arkansas play? "If you can't make six or seven inches, you might as well just give them the ball anyway."

Tuberville long ago earned the nickname "Riverboat Gambler" for decisions like that. But he can't quite compete with Miles' going 5-for-5 on fourth downs against Florida.

Then again, Tuberville remembers one wild but successful roll of the dice against Georgia from Auburn's own 13 in 2001.

Then there was the fake field goal against LSU for a touchdown against LSU in 1999. LSU ran a similar play against South Carolina this season.

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