Tide's Huber Looks Forward to Going Home

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Baron Huber probably won't ever touch the ball in Alabama's game against the Volunteers, but he'll savor the experience anyway.

The Tide fullback grew up cheering for the Vols in Knoxville, his hometown.

Huber said last year's game at Neyland Stadium was "surreal" since he was on the opposing side against one of the Vols' biggest rivals.

Maybe he'll even get a carry this time. It would be his first of the season for the Tide, which usually uses a one-back formation that leaves the fullback watching from the sidelines.

Huber does have one catch for 4 yards. And quarterback John Parker Wilson said he would love to call an audible to get him the ball again -- if they had any available.

Huber, who was barely recruited by the Vols, said the principal at Powell High School covered the table where he was signing his national letter of intent with a sheet reading "Go Big Orange."

He said that when former Tide coach Mike Shula came to his high school, all the faculty decided to wear orange for the day.

He said most of his family now roots for the Tide.