Bears Crown Trophy Team of The Week

Team of the Week!
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Cottonwood, AL- To say the Cottonwood Bears have been one of the more impressive teams in our area thus far this season might be a bit of an understatement.

The Bears have averaged 48 points a game on their way to a 5-0 start, and the last win over Rehobeth earned them the Crown Trophy Team of the week award this week.

Until last week, Cottonwood hadn’t beaten Rehobeth since the turn of the millennium.

35-14 changed all of that.

After the guys celebrated with the Trophy, head coach Toby Green talked about that victory.

“Proud of the way our guys came out as a team offense played great defense came out and stopped them and we had a big special teams touchdown so we've just got to keep things going for us and it will be a big year for us .”

Now, the team has another revenge game in their sights. The Houston Academy Raiders are coming to Cottonwood in a region matchup.

Last year Houston Academy sent the Bears back to Cottonwood with a 24-0 loss.

“ We're 3-0 in the Region and they're 3-0 in the region both of these teams it's always been a good matchup Houston Academy and Cottonwood they've beaten us the past 2 years and so we kind of owe them a little bit so we got to get after it and play hard and hopefully things will go our way.”

Tomorrow’s matchup is set for 7:00 in Cottonwood.

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