Rehobeth High Stadium

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Rehobeth High School is set to have a new football stadium in the near future, but... There's more to this story.

Rehoboth High School students may be cheering after hearing the news of their new football stadium...but Superintendent Tim Pitchford says replacing the old field is just a temporary fix to a long-term overcrowding problem.

“If money were not an issue we need to build a new high school at Wicksburg, we need to build a new elementary or new middle school at Rehoboth…those projects alone would cost 50 or 60 million dollars and at the same time we would not have addressed all of the other problems we have around the county in the other schools,” said Pitchford.

With that being said, Pitchford met with a committee to come up with a more affordable plan B.
“To build needed classrooms and media centers and other facilities on the present campuses that we have now, and because of that we're having to build on our present ball fields at Rehoboth and Wicksburg,” said Pitchford.

“This is the current football stadium at Rehoboth...It's actually attached to the middle and elementary schools. When the project is completed, there will be additional classrooms here in place of the stadium. Here’s the site of the future Rehoboth High School football stadium. It's more conveniently located across from the high school, but Pitchford says that may be the only perk,” said reporter Danielle Eldredge.

“I'll be honest with you, again these are have to situations that we're having to relocate ballfields to build classrooms and media centers. I will tell you they'll be nice, but they're probably going to be bare bone stadiums,” said Pitchford.

This plan takes into account the needs of Houston County Schools for the next ten years.

The committee had 22 million dollars to work with...the stadium has a price tag of about 1.5 million and the rest of the money is spread out among the other 10 schools in Houston County.

The other schools will all be seeing new classrooms and necessary upgrades.

The plans for the Rehoboth stadium have been approved and if everything goes as planned it will be ready by next fall.

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