Bowden tells AP he was pushed out by Florida State

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NEW YORK (AP) - Bobby Bowden isn't bitter, but he wants to make
sure the record is straight.

Bowden says he was "pushed out" after 34 years as Florida
State coach and that his relationship with former university
president T.K. Wetherell is likely beyond repair.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Bowden said Wetherell
offered him the option of returning for one more season as
"ambassador coach," but Bowden declined and retired. Bowden says
he doesn't want Florida State to "spread the story that I
voluntarily, happily resigned."

The affable Alabama native rolled up 389 victories -- though 12
were vacated by the NCAA, and two national titles.

Bowden has been keeping busy, traveling mostly around the South
and speaking to churches about his Christian faith.

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