Alabama releases list of NCAA violations for 2013-14

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - The University of Alabama released its list of Levels 3 and 4 NCAA violations turned in from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 on Thursday.

Alabama did not name any student-athletes, coaches or administrators, but did acknowledge a football student-athlete receiving an impermissible benefit from a staff member. That referred to former safety HaHa Clinton-Dix, who was suspended midway through last season for two games but reinstated. The staff member, Corey Harris, was placed on administrative leave and then resigned.

The women's basketball program lost a scholarship for the 2014-15 season after exceeding the limit of available scholarships given by awarding a mid-year grant-in-aid.

Other violations of note:

* Two more football violations were listed - contact to a prospect by an impermissible recruiter with recreational activities being observed by members of the coaching staff and an assistant coach called a prospect more than once in a week. The assistant coach couldn't make or receive calls for 14 days after that.

* Men's basketball had two violations - a prospect was evaluated at his school twice in a given week (only allowed one evaluation in a week) and a student-athlete joined an assistant coach in the car while taking a prospect back to the airport after an official visit. Rules education was provided after these minor violations.

* The rowing staff was prohibited from contacting a 2015 recruit when he was inadvertently listed as a 2014 recruit by an assistant coach and sent an impermissible email.

* An impermissible meal was provided to the guest of a men's golf prospective student-athlete. The head men's golf coach Jay Seawell was prohibited from recruiting off campus for 30 days, issued a letter of admonishment and the prospective student-athlete was ruled ineligible until cost of the meal was paid to a charity.

* An impermissible meal was also provided to the guest of a baseball PSA (prospective student-athlete). A letter of admonishment was listed to the staff, among other things.

* A former women's basketball assistant coach's wife provided student-athletes with benefits, including gift cards, at a Christmas party. Education was provided to the former coach and wife, and student-athletes were declared ineligible until they repaid value of gift cards to a charity.

* Swimming and diving head coach Dennis Pursley was suspended for two competitions after providing a loan to a student-athlete, and the team has a two-hour weekly reduction in practice time for Spring and Fall 2014 after exceeding allowable mandatory practice time.

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