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Facebook lets you temporarily hide friends' posts with Snooze

25th anniversary of the 1st text message

Tesla unveils electric Semitractor-Trailer

Uber proposing flying taxis to carry passengers through the skies

Sony's Aibo robotic dog is back, with some new tricks

50 Wal-Mart locations testing robots to help customers

Chinese startup hopes to make home robots as affordable as smartphones, drones

Twitter working on bookmark feature for tweets

New emoji coming soon for Apple users

Goodbye: AOL discontinuing pioneering Instant Messenger

1 trillion Snapchat snaps expected for this year

60 years ago today, the first man-made satellite orbited the Earth

Goal for Elon Musk: Mars by 2022!

Need more room? Twitter testing 280-character limit

Bill Gates apologizes for Crtl-Alt-Del to log in to Windows computers

Dothan breaks ground on solar research project

Prototype robotic fridge brings the drinks to you

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