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SpaceX launches secret satellite Zuma on 1st flight of year

European Space Agency looks to Mercury in 2018

Eighth planet found in faraway solar system, matching ours

SpaceX capsule makes 2nd delivery for NASA at space station

NASA discovers eighth planet orbiting distant star

Anniversary of the first manned rendezvous in space

Space capsule with 3 astronauts returns to Earth

55th anniversary of Mariner 2's historic encounter with Venus

President Donald Trump wants to send man back to moon, on to Mars

Space Station flies in front of the moon

NASA nails test on Voyager spacecraft, 13 billion miles away

NASA previews new rover for 2020 mission to Mars

Russian weather satellite fails to enter orbit after launch

First Successful mission to Mars launched on this day in history

Astronomers believe streaks on Mars may be dust, not water

Meteor lights up the night sky over Phoenix

China launches new weather satellite

SpaceX racks up another rocket launch, its 16th this year

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