Parents Angry Over Dress Code Enforcement

By: Patrick Claybon Email
By: Patrick Claybon Email

A look around the Dothan High campus on the first day of school shows many students going to class and teachers preparing them for the year ahead.

But one thing we didn't see any of Wednesday morning, were dress code violators as the school prepared for them to go home.

"Rules will be enforced, those rules have been in the handbook; we did not try to penalize people that were new, but if they went to a school here in the Dothan city school system, those are the same rules."

According to some parents, several students were taken home by bus around 10 Wednesday morning, and their problem is with notification.

"Pulled them out of class because he did not have a belt on, sent them to the gym, and then they sent them to the bus and took them home, and they did not notify me."

"Sent them home on the first day of school; that don't accomplish nothing; you should focus more on education and not worry about their clothes right now."

According to administration, students can come back to class on Thursday. And live on WTVY Principal Sewell said that students could come back, properly dressed, on Wednesday.

"I will apologize to some students that got caught up that don't do it habitually, but guess what? Rules apply to everybody."

Police arrested 28-year-old Josie Davis during the incident.

Davis is charged with disorderly conduct for reportedly interfering with police when they tried confronting her child about violating the school's dress code.

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  • by Bob Location: Lynn, MA on Nov 5, 2008 at 10:55 AM
    well ya see thats why i dont like dress codes. they are dumb an d can cause aguments and problems. Even parents dont like them
  • by Travis Location: Clarksville on Sep 19, 2008 at 12:07 PM
    This is ridiculous. I go to a school and our dress code is hardly anything and there is hardly any trouble at all! we are allowed to wear jewlery, and have jeans, and skin tights, and mp3s in class. it helps us relax knowing we look good. so yea u guys are stoopid
  • by leah Location: malvern on Aug 20, 2008 at 04:46 PM
    I have my children in a christian school for many of the reasons listed below. I do not want my son to think it is natural nor ok to wear earrings in his ears. I do not want him showing his underwear and wearing jeans to his knees or shoes untied. My daughters do not need to think make-up like Tammy Baker is appropriate NOR skirts above the knee or shirts showing all of their bodies and not being modest. I do not approve of what has become of society today in general. Our children are the means of our future. The examples and teachings mold them into our future and how they will create their own offspring. Offensive language is a class "C" misdemeanor and yet I hear the "F" word every visit to Walmart. On one occasion I called the law enforcement to file a report when management did not think it was necessary. The officer informed them and the citizen that I should not have been the one to call but the management should have and yes I was correct -- its illegal to swear in public!
  • by TO TONY Location: Dothan Parent on Aug 19, 2008 at 08:05 PM
    YES you are right, students and teachers do not have the same rights, however--teachers ON THE JOB-supervising a crowded parking lot while kids are being dropped off, should actually DO THAT JOB instead of being slumped over a cell phone TEXTING and totally unaware if kids are getting from the car to the other side without being hit by the on coming car poolers. And teachers, school staff and admin should set the right example for students. I've even seen the Principal in the same parking lot also TEXTING, so it's no surprise why the teacher thought it was okay--at least in the case of the principal he was not directly overseeing a high traffic student drop off area. I agree with a dress code, however some of the behaviour exhibited by the so-called professionals is anything but that...if you're going to talk the talk...walk the walk too!
  • by Tony on Aug 19, 2008 at 11:30 AM
    An educators perspective. First of all. Students who complain about no cell phones for students do not truly understand their rights. Teachers are not students and therefore they have different rights. Big suprise here folks but students do not have the same rights as teachers. Don't believe me then go look it up. Ive worked jobs in which the boss says, "no cell phones on the job" but he uses his all the time. Well guess what... he is the boss so I work under his rules! Second- Dress Code I personally could care less about the dress code. We have other things to worry about in school without this too. However, because Maurice wears his pants hanging to his knees and Susie wears a top that shows entirely too much cleavage the schools have been forced to do adopt a no tolerance poilcy. No tolerance means, no tolerance. NO exceptions can be made period. If your son is the greatest student in the school but forgets his belt well... next time don't forget the belt.
  • by Desirree Location: Ft Rucker on Aug 13, 2008 at 08:26 AM
    I know that I'm no longer a student anywhere, nor am I a parent of anyone in school. I am, though, ashamed of what our school system has become. Yes, students need a dresscode. They should dress in a manner as to not distact others. They should dress in a manner that is approved of by their parents. They should have rules. No cell phones, no IPods, no cursing, no fighting. Everyday rules that apply in and out of school. I'm sickened after reading the comment left by a student in the student council. This is a fine example of what we should be worried about. We should be worried that *is* is spelt *iz*. That she typed the word *seat* for *sent*. If this is what our education system has become then I am very greatful to have graduated ten years ago. I think perhaps I'll be homeschooling my children.
  • by How Ironic--DHS Parent Location: DHN on Aug 13, 2008 at 06:08 AM
    While at DHS yesterday, I saw a teacher that was on duty and supposedly watching over kids in a very specific area, slumped over her cell, TEXTING!! Students are adamantly warned not to have a cell phone out in sight or on during the school day but obviously setting the example is not the policy among some teachers. The area she was supervising was high traffic and she didn't look up once in the time I was there to make sure that students were okay. OBVIOUS dress code violations should definitely be dealt with, seeking out offenders and disrupting an entire school full of students in order to do so, is not appropriate or acceptable in my opinion. The discipline shouldn't be more distracting than the original offense. Parents need to start parenting at home, make sure their child is dressed appropriately and not wearing pants 4 sizes too large and let the teachers focus on teaching--that seems to be more than some of them can handle already!
  • by danielle Location: dothan on Aug 11, 2008 at 07:12 AM
    i fully believe there should be a dress code, and it should be enforced but that has nothing to do with the written out statements on the forum, the guy who said the well written out statements are law abidding citizens and the less ones are criminals you should be ashamed you are a biggoted mind that should go back to school and get reeducated on the political correctness of your stupid comments not everybody can get to college education, and just because they didnt and may live poor and they still do the best for there families does not mean they are ruffians or criminals, i have a suggestion quit watching cops and forging bad opinions about people you obviously know nothing about
  • by DHS Student Council Member on Aug 8, 2008 at 03:28 PM
    they should have at least gave some of us a warning..because sending somebody home without a belt iz too far! but i seen several students that should have been seat home ...& WERE NOT!!!...they should have did what they last year & sending them 2 ISS so they don't miss school....
  • by vick Location: dc on Aug 7, 2008 at 08:33 PM
    Anonymous-It does matter how the kids dress. What 15 year old boy can focus on his Algebra when a 15 yr old girl is showing cleavage?
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