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Government shutting down amid partisan standoff

SHUTDOWN: McConnell opposes Trump on ending filibusters

SHUTDOWN: Congress seems no closer to reopening government

UPDATE: Democrats, GOP hold out hope for ending government shutdown

Shutdown divides services into essential and non-essential

WOMEN'S MARCHES: New Jersey first lady a sexual assault victim

UPDATE: Martin Luther King Jr. sites closed by shutdown

US government shuts down as Congress fails to pass spending bill

US flu season gets worse, has 'lot more steam' than expected

Supreme Court to rule on Trump travel ban

Justice Sotomayor 'fine' after treatment for low blood sugar

Hawaii lawmakers to hold hearing on mistaken missile alert

President Trump asks for Supreme Court review of immigration policy

Court hears arguments in sanctuary-cities case

UPDATE: Vegas toll of injured in shooting rises to 851

Supreme Court puts order to redraw N. Carolina maps on hold

UPDATE: Chuck Schumer saw 'some progress' in Trump meeting

UPDATE: President Trump says he's committed to protecting life

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