"Illegal Intrusion" part 3: Arizona's Controversial Law

By: Tim Elliott Email
By: Tim Elliott Email

Arizona's controversial immigration law is currently tied up in the courts. The law allows authorities the right to ask for proof of identification if they suspect someone is an illegal alien. But could a similar law be passed here?

Right now, lawmakers in Florida are preparing to introduce a bill that is similar to the law in Arizona. Some Alabama legislators are also interested in passing Arizona-style laws.

News 4 spoke with one local business owner who says because of illegal immigration, he can't compete. But he's not sure deportation is the answer.

“I really don't have any problem with people coming to this country to work as long as, you know, they come over here legally and have the proper paperwork,”

Danny Miller owns and operates a dry wall company in Dothan. He claims his business is suffering because his competition hires illegal aliens and he won't.

“Our business is probably down 50 percent because the economy is down.Then you take another 20 to 30 percent of the contracts we lose to the people that aren't properly paper-worked, basically my business is down 75 percent,” said Miller.

“It makes me feel mad, I mean I got citizens calling me in a daily basis, contractors call me here in Dothan that are being outbid on jobs by contractors using illegal immigrants. I think people are fed up with illegal immigration,” said Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes.

Sheriff Hughes says because the federal government is dragging its feet on the issue, some states, like Arizona, may need to take matters into their own hands.

“I think it's a good law, Arizona was forced into that position. You know Phoenix has the highest kidnapping rate in the country. The Phoenix Police Department had to create their own kidnapping division,” said Sheriff Hughes.

Others disagree with the Arizona law.

“That’s illegal; I mean anyway you look at it. Legislation or the effect of a national law is national business. It’s up to the congress to do something,” said Rich Lopez, an advocate for Latinos in the Wiregrass.

Lopez feels the Arizona law is unjust. He says as a society, we can come up with a better solution.

“Just take a moment to realize the capacity our people have, all of our people, I’m not talking about Latinos, working together, what a wonderful world this would be, I mean just being good to each other,”

Even though Miller says his business is struggling because of illegal immigration, he doesn't feel deportation is the way to go.

“They’re here, they love the United States, they're not going anywhere, and I don't think its right to just go out and round them up and send all back home, that's not the answer. I think the answer is if you catch somebody in this country illegally, you need to get them on paper,” commented Miller.

Whatever your stance is on the issue, it's sure to be a heated topic in the upcoming election.

“If the candidate does not have a simple, humane, fair, decent, but fair policy to end this illegality then they should not be elected,” said U.S. senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions.

News 4 spoke with illegal immigrant who did not want to be on camera but says he's been living in the Wiregrass for the past 10 years.

He says deportation is not the answer because most immigrants would simply cross over illegally once again.

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  • by Joey Location: dothan on Aug 22, 2010 at 08:06 AM
    For those of you who feel it would be racist to ask for someone's identification based on their race I say just ask anyone you see regardless of race for their identification. And no simple deportation is not the answer to solving the problem. When someone commits a crime there must be consequences. Start by leaving new born american citizens here in the united states if their parent or parents are here illegally. If the parents wish to stay make sure that they are not allowed to keep the child. And if the parents wish to stay utilize the thirteenth amendment as their punishment. A punishment that harsh would keep ANYONE from coming here illegally. The new residents under the thirteenth amendment could be treated much as you would a pet so far as the humane treatment of them, they would of course have to work for and obey their owners or would be subjected to humane obedience training. I hope it's ok to suggest humane and constitutional treatment for these illegals.
  • by Thomas Location: Dothan on Aug 21, 2010 at 08:37 PM
    Let's look at a couple of basic facts. If you're here illegally(or hiring illegals), you're in violation of federal law and should be punished according to its statutes. Ignorance of these laws is no exscuse.Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in ANY country. Anyone working,not paying taxes is screwing me,my life & my country. Secondly, the vast majority of immigrants come here and refuse to assimilate into the american culture. If they love their culture, language and countrymen so much, stay there...don't come here and try to recreate you county within our borders. Want to be accepted? Learn the language & laws of this country & you will be respected. The reason our country is more successful than yours is because of our beliefs in God(the US is founded on religious freedom), our laws (2nd amendment!)and free market system (capitalism).To have the use & protection of our bill of rights, you must be a citizen and have an American belief system.I dont care what you national origin is
  • by Erik Location: Wiregrass on Aug 21, 2010 at 01:08 PM
    So Scott approves the use of illegals in the labor pool? Scott approves of companies exploiting illegals for their labor at illegal wage levels, tax avoidance, insurance fraud (can't be bonded nor insured with illegals...) competing with lawfully operationg companies paying mandatory wages, (minimum or higher) paying income taxes lawfully, maintaining bonding and insurance. I don't know what business he is in, but apparently it must be one that utilizes illegal labor. The reason these "hispanics" as he calls them ILLEGALS (whayt they are...) have no voice is because... gasp...they're here ILLEGALLY. What part of that word does Scott NOT UNDERSTAND ?
  • by Scott Location: Dothan on Aug 21, 2010 at 09:23 AM
    As continued from my other post- So, Mr. Miller if you think rounding up the "illegal immigrants" is not the answer, what is? If the government provides an amnesty plan, you will still lose out or will you then hire them? Bottom line is, the immigrants whether legal or illegal had nothing before they came over and will continue to work for half of the various trade wages and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. You can't put a price for someone who needs to provide for their family. If I were a contractor and I lowballed a bid because I had to provide for my family, you would be mad. Americans think they deserve top pay for everything we do but not everyone is meant to be rich. So, Mr. Miller you should re-evaluate the lining of your pocket before you make claims of your business suffering because of illegal immigrants.
  • by Scott Location: Dothan on Aug 21, 2010 at 09:01 AM
    Mr. Danny Miller claims he is losing business because of his competition is hiring illegals. How can Mr. Miller can make these claims without knowing the hiring practices of other companies? Have we got to the point in our society, that if you don't look a certain way, we need to ask for their immigration papers? I believe he automatically assumes that most if not all Hispanics are illegal. It certainly sounds this way. That is also the case with Sheriff Hughes. Sheriff Hughes, are you going to ask everyone of Hispanic origin for their immigration paperwork? You of all people should know about profiling in this case it's racial profiling. If this (racial profiling) were happening to African Americans, they would not stand for this, nor should they! But since this involves Hispanics, with virtually no voice to be heard, most feel like they can round them up like cattle. I am opposed to entering our country illegally but put yourself in their shoes, and you would come over to!
  • by erik Location: Wiregrass on Aug 20, 2010 at 04:46 PM
    So Lopez says that deportation isn't the answer because they will simply break the law again and return... This speaks highly of the criminal mentality he tries to justify. These people need to be IDENTIFIED, recorded, and then those that employ them need to be sued out of existence. Those that enable them with documentation, transportation, etc should be thrown under the jail. Right now seizure laws allow those arrested for drug violations to have their property taken, the same laws need to be used for these people. Once the word gets out there are no jobs, no money, NOTHING for illegals here, I'd assume only the really stupid would come.
  • by robert Location: cottondale fl on Aug 20, 2010 at 04:26 PM
    I understand the law that are trying to pass. but I feel is alot of races people here in north florida , and my problem is that im a latin, my parents were born in ecuador south america , and they became us citizens . I was born in new york . now ,I lived in south america for 10 years that is how I learn my spanish. well of course I look latin .I know the police are going to be stopping me around here just cause my looks and asking if Im a illegal alien . and that is going to be discrimination . and is wrong .police around here are real racists . and they will use this new law for their pleasure . thanks you
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