Picking the Perfect Grill

The back yard grill... Is a prized possession for many. And what better way to show it off than at a July 4th cookout?
Believe it or not, many people wait until the big day to upgrade.
Buying the perfect grill is no small task, especially when you're a serious grill master.
Gas or charcoal; ceramic or porcelain grates; those are just a few of the decisions buyers have to consider. And cost is also on the minds of consumers.

Lowes Lawn and Garden Department Manager Guy Causey says the fuel can make all the difference.

"A lot of people now are looking for, can you hook them up to natural gas, because that's a lot cheaper than propane. So you can get that in a big quantity. So that's a big thing and of course how long it's gonna last. Stainless steel is gonna last a little longer than the other ones because it don't rust out and stuff like that. So those are the main two."

Causey tells us that one new grilling technology has become a hot ticket feature with consumers this year.

"InfraRed grills are really popular this year. They've got a pan under the grates that keeps any kind of flare up from coming up. It cooks faster, it cooks more even, there's no burnt spots and medium spots, it cooks all the way through, so they're really popular."

They also use 1/3 less propane than conventional grills and they're easier to clean and maintain. But that new technology isn't for everyone. Many people still go for the flavor that charcoal gives their burger or steak.

Jose Valiente, a sales associate in the Garden Center at The Home Depot says charcoal is still the leader among grills.

"What i get more than anything is charcoal. And that's just- in itself-it's simple, people like it, they love the taste."

Causey agrees.

"With charcoal you get that charcoal smoked flavor."

That smoked flavor is one that, for many, is at the center of the Independence Day tradition.

Even with the bad weather seen in the Wiregrass this week, we're that lots of people are still coming in and taking home bags of charcoal- a sign that the rain isn't putting a damper on cookouts.