New Troy Library

By: Ashley Edlund Email
By: Ashley Edlund Email

The ribbon is cut and the front door is open.

And already, the troy public library is a big hit.

But it didn't happen without a lot of hard work and helping hands

Library Administrative Assistant Guinene Terry said, “The last week has been here until 10-11 o’clock at night cleaning doing the last minute things getting things in the flowers just everyone coming together.”

And the library is where Troy High School used to be.

Public Library Director William White says the city is growing. And with that, comes growing needs, like having a new library

White said, “Just as soon as they moved into one library, it would quickly become undersized to meet the needs of the community. So they were always planning for the next facility.

A lot of planning and 18 long months of building.

But it's worth it for them, as parents like Vicki Robinson are getting to see it for the first time.

Robinson says she's thrilled kids will have another place go.

Robinson said, “It's a safe haven. If you have questions or concerns, go to the library, go to the internet. This place has everything you need.”

And some of the kids are already finding it.

Kylee Farnsworts said, “To be honest i really do not like to read. I have trouble seeing the words.”

But a quick look around the new library and Kylee says she wants to come back.

Farnworts said, "I would check books out from here"

And that's what library officials say kept them going.

Terry said, “All the hours were worth it and the no sleeping and the being here early and staying late it was well worth it.”

Well worth the hard work and the long wait.

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