Internet Speed to Triple at Early County Schools

By: Matthew McClellan
By: Matthew McClellan
These days, nearly every aspect of education relies on the Internet.  Now the Early County school system in Georgia is catching up to speed.

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Reading tests in the library, curriculum in the classroom and filing in the administrative office are all online systems. At Early County Schools those systems are about to get much faster, thanks to a grant from the Georgia Department of Education.

Michael Williams, Technical Director at Early County Schools, says, "It'll greatly increase the speed at which students can access the digital content that's out there. The faster we can access that information, the better and more streamlined that that service translates to the student."

Danielle Miller teaches physical science at Early County Middle School. She says the new infrastructure means less time grading and more time teaching.

"I use online testing for my students. They get on the internet and take their tests. It's immediate feedback," she says. "hey know exactly what their score is when they take it."

The new system will provide the district with about 300 mega-bites of bandwidth speed, an increase of more than 300 percent from the current infrastructure.

The $19,000 grant will impact several districts in the state.

Teachers hope state-funded upgrades like the internet improvements will put the world within even closer reach for students.

The school system will buy the equipment and have it in place by June.
Next year, construction will begin.

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