Houston County Math Textbooks

By: Ashley Edlund Email
By: Ashley Edlund Email

Students in Emily Richards' class aren't learning math from a book.

Ashford High School math teacher Emily Richards said, “We have textbooks missing pages and pages half ripped off and the students see textbooks that are not kept up."

The Houston County School Board isn't in the dark on this issue. In fact, a vote to adopt new textbooks has happened before.

But it's a funding problem that needs fixing before new textbooks can come to classrooms.

The estimated cost of new math books for grades K-12 is more than $500,000.

Ashford High School Principal Bubba Odom says when it comes to education he's learned to rely on good teachers, not books.

Principal Odom said, “You let a textbook go many times because it's a lot better to have an excellent teacher, someone that can teach the children with whatever you're given and will make due with whatever they have.”

But Richards still feels the pinch.

Richards said, “They don't get to do homework so they don't get extra practice at home, so i can't assign homework, they won't get extra practice, it's bad.”

School officials are noticing and say it can't wait anymore, with or without funding from the state.

Principal Odom said, “You have state allocation and if the state has not allocated any money, the money will come from our local funds.”

But the strain is already on the backs of teachers, struggling to prepare students for the future when they can't even hand out homework.

Richards said, “They forget a lot of what I teach each day, so I have to re-teach every morning when they come in and try to get it in within the 50 minutes that I have them and they have a ton of time to forget it.”